Super Long Exposures by Michael Wesely

So I guess Michael Wesely holds the record for photos taken with the longest exposure…we’re talking years here, folks. This exposure documented the entire construction of the Museum of Modern Art (I’m not sure how exactly).

The photos contain the ghosts of the buildings as it is constructed; streaks
of the sun throughout the sky; and hundreds of little nicks, trails and
instances that elude to something happening during the long exposure.
The surrounding buildings stand solid and unchanged, a constant presence
in the otherwise changing environment.

Leah Duncan Patterns & Illustration

So this past weekend I went to check out the Renegade Craft Fair. I saw a lot of cool stuff from various local artists, but one of the most beautiful booths was Leah Duncan’s. She has a really good eye for color, and her pattern work is pretty sweet. Unfortunately, since the wife and I took the kids, we only had 12 seconds to look at each booth. And I think I said the words “Don’t touch” 623 times…

I took time later, however to check out Leah’s site. You should too: